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Terms of Use and Dress Code for the PortAventura golf courses

General Provision. These rules are mandatory for all people who access the facilities of the PortAventura golf courses.

1. For people who access the golf courses

Article 1. Access to the PortAventura golf courses is available to all holders of the PortAventura Golf passes, as a non-holder user of this pass or as a visitor:

The holder of any of the PortAventura Golf passes will be the user who, having previously paid for it, will have the right to use the golf courses as well as enjoying specific advantages in accordance with the type of pass purchased.

There are three different passes: Black, Gold and Green, with the former having Unitary, Family and Senior types and the others having all of the aforementioned ones as well as a Junior. You can find out the advantages of each pass at the clubhouses of the PortAventura golf courses.

For the purposes of the present regulations, all aforementioned pass types will be named together as PortAventura Golf passes.

The user that does not hold the PortAventura Golf pass can use the golf courses having previously presented the appropriate valid golfing association license and paid for the corresponding green fee.

Visitors can access the golf course facilities without paying for a green fee.

About PortAventura Golf Passes

Article 2. The condition of holder of a PortAventura Golf pass is acquired by paying the stated amount and previously presenting the following documents:

Valid photo ID

Association license.

All holders of the PortAventura Golf pass will be provided with the corresponding document that certifies them as such, which will be personal and non-transferable.

Article 3. The holder of the PortAventura Golf pass must show his membership document to all of the members of staff at the golf courses who request it.

Article 4. The holder of any of the PortAventura Golf passes can use the golf courses having previously booked a tee-off time agreed in a timely manner in accordance with his respective booking conditions.

Article 5. The condition as holder of a PortAventura Golf pass will be revoked when:

The holder states his wish to do so in writing to PortAventura.

PortAventura terminate the agreement due to behaviour by the holder that seriously breaches the Terms of Use and Dress Code of the golf courses, as well as of the rules of the game and, where applicable, local regulations.

The revocation of the condition of holder of the PortAventura Golf pass shall in no case result in the reimbursement, by PortAventura, of the cost of the pass.

About green fees

Article 6. The green fee rates shall be set by PortAventura and published on the notice boards in the clubhouses of each of the golf courses.

2. About Access to Facilities and Services

Article 7. Access to the golf course’s facilities and services is solely through duly signposted authorised entrances and during the timetable that PortAventura sets for each season.

Article 8. Entrance with animals, with the exception of guide dogs, to the golf course’s facilities is strictly prohibited.

In addition, entrance with objects that may disturb or damage the users or the facilities is also strictly prohibited.

About the use of facilities and services

9.1 All golf course users can use the dressing rooms.

The dressing rooms can be accessed with golf shoes that have previously been brushed in places designated for this purpose.

To access the shower area, users must wear footwear that prevents feet from being directly in contact with the floor.

Under no circumstances can golf shoes be worn in the showers or cleaned inside the dressing room.

9.2 The courses, understanding as such the areas of the facility dedicated to the practice of golf, can only be used by holders of the PortAventura Golf pass, users with an association license that are not holders of the PortAventura Golf pass and users registered in the golf school. We hereby inform you that PortAventura may modify the configuration of the golf course layouts for functional, sporting or maintenance reasons.

The putting green and practice course may be used by any user.

We hereby inform you that PortAventura reserves the right to refuse entrance to visitors and non-associated users to the golf courses, the putting green and the practice course.

9.3. Holders of any of the PortAventura Golf passes and all individuals who acquire a green fee may use the golf courses, having previously booked the course in the clubhouses, on the telephone or via the Internet on the website no earlier than seven (7) days in advance. Holders of the Premium passes may book the course up to fifteen (15) days before their booking date.

Players who have booked a tee-off date must report to the tee of the 1st hole ten minutes before their designated booking time. Otherwise, the booking will be lost and the players will have to await confirmation for a new tee-off time.

Players who fail to report to the tee of the 1st hole on three consecutive or alternate occasions during the same day will lose their right to book in advance.

Bookings made during high season have a limited cancellation time of two (2) hours prior to the booked tee-off time and of one (1) hour during low season. PortAventura will notify to the public the calendar for high and low season at the start of each year.

When a player makes a booking for other players (up to four), it is understood that they have previously agreed to the booking and are responsible for any incidence that derives from it.

In any case, we hereby inform that you that PortAventura reserves the right to complete the number of players per game up to a maximum number of four.

About Rules of Access to the golf course

Article 10. Holders of the PortAventura Golf pass, in order to have a right to use the golf course, must have the corresponding credentials which must be shown to all course staff if requested.

Users that are not holders of the PortAventura Golf pass who wish to access the golf course must satisfy the corresponding playing rights, having previously shown their golf association license.

Payment of green fees shall be carried out at the clubhouse’s reception desk, notwithstanding those who have acquired it via the Internet, telephone or through a travel agency as part of a holiday package.

We hereby inform you that the green fee amount shall not be reimbursed due to adverse weather conditions to users who acquired it with the exception of an electrical storm less than 2.5 miles from the golf courses being the cause.

Article 11. All players and users of the golf course must understand and abide to the rules of play stipulated by Royal & Ancient, St. Andrews, which shall be made available to the public for their knowledge.

2.1. About Dress Code

Article 12. The player must respect the following Dress Code rules:

12.1. The spirit of golf is based on the integrity of the individual. There are no judges or umpires watching.

12.2. It is mandatory to dress appropriately both in the clubhouses and on the golf courses. The use of swimwear, tennis shorts, jeans, flip flops, tracksuits, collarless shirts and wearing no shirt is strictly prohibited. Ladies must not wear clothes with low necklines, even if they are covered by a bikini top or similar garments.

12.3. All players must bring their own equipment.

12.4. All those who access the golf courses must ensure that their mobile phones are switched to silent.

12.5. Playing through must be awarded, not requested. Let the other team play through if there is room in front of you or if the quicker group are always waiting for you behind. The objective is to make the fewest amount of shots possible, not to finish first.

12.6. Do not move, talk or be close or directly behind the putting line of a player who is about to play a shot.

12.7. It is absolutely essential to maintain a moderate tone of voice on the golf course and in its surroundings in order not to distract other players, since golf is a sport that requires maximum concentration.

12.8. You may never invade the practice course in order to retrieve a ball. It is forbidden and dangerous.

12.9. You may not access the golf course or on the practice course without having previously acquired the corresponding right of play (green fee) or pass.

12.10. The practice balls can only be used on the practice course. Do not use them on the golf course or in any other location.

12.11. Follow the course as signalled. Do not skip or repeat holes.

12.12. Do not play more than one shot.

12.13. Concentrate and think about your shot but “walk fast”.

12.14. Follow the established pace of play.

12.15. Never play a shot if the people in the group ahead are within reaching distance.

12.16. On the green, never tread on or shadow other players’ putting line.

12.17. Do not place yourself in a position (behind the player or on the prolongation of the putting line) that may benefit you by seeing the other player play his shot.

12.18. A ball that has landed on another green must be dropped outside the green and played without a penalty.

12.19. When you are playing close to the green, leave your balls or trolleys in a position that allows you to quickly move from the green to the next tee. When a hole is finished, players must abandon the green immediately.

12.20. Write down your result at the tee of the next hole.

12.21. Do not swim in the lakes as it is dangerous.

12.22. If a ball lands in the line of the shot of another game’s player, the player who is playing the earlier game will have preference, even if the ball is not on the natural course of the hole.

12.23. If a player thinks that his ball may be lost beyond a water obstacle or is out of bounds, he must play with a provisional ball in order to save time.

12.24. Players who are looking for a ball must notify the players of the following group to play through as soon as they realise that the ball will not be found easily. They must not wait after five minutes of searching to do so.

12.25. Do not play a hole where there is staff working until he/she has seen your group or you have notified him.

12.26. Each player must be ready for his/her turn. It is wrong to keep the groups behind waiting.

12.27. Replace and flatten the tufts of grass.

12.28. Only walk on the green when essential. Be extremely respectful with the grass on the green. Fix the pitch-marks.

12.29. You may only use the putter on the green. No other club is allowed.

12.30. Do not drag the trolley or place your bag on the green. Do not walk around the hole unless it is necessary.

12.31. Do not use the club’s head to retrieve a ball from the hole of the flag.

12.32. Players must not rest on their clubs while on the green.

12.33. When the hole is finished, place the flag in the hole without knocking the edges.

12.34. Rake your marks in the bunker after playing your shot. After raking, leave the rake inside the bunker in the nearest spot that doesn’t interfere with play.

3. About the rental service of technical golf equipment

Article 13. The rental prices of technical golf equipment, such as practice balls, clubs, etc. will be available to the public.

3.2 About the golf school and competition organisation services

Article 14. The PortAventura Golf School will be open during the days in which the course is open, with the timetable available at the notice board.

Article 15. The rules to register on the courses, at the school or for private lessons will be available to all interested parties at the clubhouse reception desks at the golf courses.

Article 16. PortAventura may organise competitions on the golf courses. The competition calendars will be announced with sufficient notice, stating the dates in which the course will be booked for this purpose.

Article 17. The competitions will have a limited number of participants that will announced in due time. A waiting list will be enabled in case any players drop out prior to the established event date.

If events of special characteristics, importance or interest take place, PortAventura may establish an entrance fee for everyone who wishes to attend the event, both for spectators and players.

Article 18. Due to being in possession of a handicap is a mandatory feature in order to be a holder of any of the PortAventura Golf passes or to be a user of the PortAventura golf courses, the attribution or confirmation of the handicap may be requested before the Competition Committee, prior evaluation by the golfing teachers at the course.

3.3. About the café and restaurant service

Article 19. The café and restaurant service shall be operative in accordance with the timetable and calendar that will be duly available to the public.

Article 20. This service may be used by the holders of the PortAventura Golf pass, non-holder users of the aforementioned pass and visitors in general, always respecting the internal organisation of the spaces in regards to dress code, which will be clearly announced.

4. Infractions and sanctions

Article 21. Infractions against the present Terms of Use and Dress Code of the golf courses shall be classified as minor, major and serious.

Article 22. Minor infractions

Not communicating address changes and direct debit changes.

Small oversights that affect the preservation and/or cleanliness of the facilities or equipment.

Dressing inadequately in the social and/or sporting facilities.

Entering the facilities of the different services or staff without permission.

Leaving or storing clothes or items outside the spaces designated for this purpose.

Parking your car badly or outside a parking area.

Leaving playing clothes permanently on the hangers or in the lockers in the dressing room.

Acts against the cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance of the facilities.

Singing, shouting and causing a disturbance in the social facilities or behaving inadequately in the sporting facilities.

Playing, creating a disturbance or using the different services and facilities inappropriately.

Smoking in the dressing rooms and in non-smoking areas.

Using the furniture in the facilities inappropriately.

Distributing leaflets or placing posters without prior authorisation by PortAventura.

Refusing to pay attention to the warnings made by staff members on the golf courses while performing their duties, if this lack of attention does not generate damages to the users and/or staff or facilities.

Refusing to show proof of identity to a staff member who requests it as part of his job.

Article 23. Major infractions

Insults and lack of respect towards the other users and staff members.

Taking part in scandals of all kinds or showing a violent attitude.

Serious negligence if it implies a risk of accident to one self, other users or a risk of malfunction for the facilities.

Voluntarily causing damages or structural defects to movable and immovable assets owned by PortAventura Golf, holders of the PortAventura Golf pass or third parties, whether they are users or PortAventura staff members.

Modifying notice boards or course elements, changing the keys from the lockers, etc.

Unauthorised use of equipment owned by the golf course or other services.

Collaborating directly or indirectly in any major infraction.

Refusing to listen to the warnings by a staff member of the golf course while performing their duties, if this lack of attention generates damages to users, staff members and/or the facilities of PortAventura Golf.

Entrance to the premises through accesses unauthorised for this purpose.

Causing three minor infractions in the space of one month.

Article 24. Serious infractions

Threats or serious disregard towards holders of the PortAventura Golf pass, staff members or third parties.

Voluntarily causing damages or structural defects to the movable and immovable assets of Port Aventura, S.A., holders of the PortAventura Golf pass or third parties, whether they are users or staff members of PortAventura.

Continuing to carry out major infractions despite the warnings from the staff members in charge of enforcing this Regulation.

Repeatedly ignoring the requirements of PortAventura, or the staff members in charge of enforcing this Regulation, to cease any behaviour classed as an infraction, even if it is minor, of said Regulation.

Unfulfillment of the penalties for minor or major infractions.

Consumption of psychotropic or narcotic drugs.

Fraudulent use of green fees or PortAventura Golf passes.

Causing two major infractions, even if they are of different kinds, in the space of one month.

Article 25. All infractions, whether they are minor, major or serious, shall be cautioned in writing and penalised in accordance with the following:

Minor infractions may be penalised, at the discretion of PortAventura, in accordance with one or all of the measures set below:

Abandonment of an ongoing game.

Ejection from the facilities.

Refusal of entrance to the facilities during a period no longer than one month.

Major infractions shall be penalised with the abandonment of the ongoing game, ejection from the facilities and refusal of entry to the facilities for a period of one to three months.

Serious infractions may be penalised with the abandonment of the ongoing game, ejection from the facilities and refusal of entry to the facilities for a period of four to twelve months or, if PortAventura considers it appropriate, refusal of entry to the PortAventura Golf facilities for an indefinite period of time.

In no case shall the application of penalties give the penalised user the right to be reimbursed for the green fee paid for or have the proportional amount corresponding to the months that they are banned from the facilities returned to the PortAventura Golf pass holders.

Article 26. The penalties shall be imposed by PortAventura.